Guest Post by Emma Smith Puffinpalooza!

Guest Post by Emma Smith, 4th grade artist from Wilder Elementary

“This is a puffin I painted.  You might ask “why did she decide to paint a puffin?”  Well, I thought not many people make art of puffins or penguins.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a penguin and a puffin.  A puffin has a big orange beak and the body is shaped differently.  My puffin is from the artic and she does not have a family.

I liked making this art piece because I did it on my own and I used different techniques with the watercolor like salt and rubbing alcohol.

This is one of my most favorites!  I hope you like my painting.”


Guest Post by Grace Benedict “Sunset Landscape”

This is a guest post by a fifth grade student here at WIlder, Grace Benedict.  Here is what she has to say about her artwork:

“My artwork is about the beautiful sunset glowing over the hills.  There is a long swirly trail and tall trees in my piece.  I like making this art work because it was a fun experience.  Before, I thought my picture would be pretty simple but now I think that artwork can be original and spontaneous.”

As a fifth grader, I am a leader, a gymnast, and best of all – an artist!”

Guest Post by Makena Guthrie “Drawing with Wire”

Makena Guthrie is a fifth grade student at Wilder.  Here is what she wrote about her artwork:

“This metal wire piece is about a plant and it’s leaves and petals.  In my artwork my plant is growing and blooming; the first swirl is a sign of spring.  Growth is happening all around and each plant is different.

I loved making my piece because when I stepped back to look at it, it looked alive (even though I had band aids on my fingers from poking them with wire!)

As as artist, I am me and my artwork always has me in it.  I am creative and love everything I do!”