Guest Post by Grace Benedict “Sunset Landscape”

This is a guest post by a fifth grade student here at WIlder, Grace Benedict.  Here is what she has to say about her artwork:

“My artwork is about the beautiful sunset glowing over the hills.  There is a long swirly trail and tall trees in my piece.  I like making this art work because it was a fun experience.  Before, I thought my picture would be pretty simple but now I think that artwork can be original and spontaneous.”

As a fifth grader, I am a leader, a gymnast, and best of all – an artist!”


Oil Pastel Landscapes





My fifth graders just finished these gorgeous landscapes drawn with water soluble oil pastels and blended with water.

Students used paper turned horizontally and divided the paper into three layers representing foreground, middle ground and background.

Tree were added next, with one tree at each line, and got smaller toward the back of the paper – showing depth.

Next students applied oil pastels in each layer in a gradation from dark to light, the sky is also colored in a gradation

The trees are colored in last.   Students added shading to indicate a light source.

Last, they blended and softened lines with water.

I gave students choices with their color palette.  They could use a palette of cool colors or a combination of warm and cool colors, with one that is dominant.

Cool colored landscapes got a light splatter of white paint to include snow.

I think they are beautiful and the students were very proud of the way the landscapes turned out.

Enjoy Cooper, Sydney, and Grace’s artwork!

This idea came from Artsonia and Kathy Barbaro’s