Cool Days, Warm Hands


Kindergarten has been working on using pattern in an artwork and learning warm and cool colors.  The result?  Warm colored mittens covered in a zentangle-ish pattern and backgrounds painted in cool colors, using plastic wrap to create an icy texture.

Enjoy these paintings by Hallie and Zach.



Brrr, It’s Cold Outside!

This was a fast and fun drawing and coloring project for a kindergarten class that was ahead.  To keep it a little more manageable, we traced the four squares first – lightly – with a pencil. Then we drew our snow man.  After outlining with sharpie, we colored the background and the snow people’s accessories!

When the coloring was finished, we used q-tips to add some fluffy white snowflakes.

Kind of like the snow we’re seeing here in Colorado today.  Darn, it’s so cold; we should have given those snow men some scarves!

Kandinsky for Kindergarten

Wow – is it fun looking at Kandinsky artwork with kindergarteners.  They are still so literal and try so hard to make an abstract work be something.  Kandinsky is such a great jumping off point for our line collages though.  We study line as an element of art.  Not only do we draw lines, and dance lines, we cut lines!

After the lines are cut from black construction paper, we paint a background with just colors, not trying to make this painting be something real.  When the painting is dry, we glue down our cut out lines.

Making is collage is fun, and so is saying the word – cooo-laaage.  See, you just spoke French!

Enjoy Shay’s ode to Kandinsky.