Irresistible Indian Corn

My first graders created this awesome Indian corn that has a textured surface.  They were a big hit at the fall art show and many mommas’s asked to have them home for Thanksgiving.

Here’s how we made them.

Kids rolled a slab of clay with rolling pins to a thickness of about ½ inch.

Next, they placed a template (which somehow looked a little like a grenade) on top of the clay and lightly traced with a dull pencil.

The cool texture was the next step.  We used a popsicle stick, pressed in lightly, to make rows of corn kernels.

Next, we cut out the ears of corn with needle tools.  Luckily, I had some Mom and Dad helpers to help cut them out.  Be sure to cut a bumpy edge.

After I fired the Indian Corn, we used under glazes sponged on and painted on to re create the look of authentic Indian Corn.  I dipped them in clear glaze and fired again.

For the corn husks, I used real corn husks from a neighbor’s garden.  I soaked them in water to make them pliable enough to put through the hole in the top.  I think they look fun and festive!  The first graders were so proud of one of their first works in clay.

What ceramic projects are you doing with your little ones now?  Any fun fall projects?


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