Abstract Still Lifes

This is what we’re doing in third grade right now.  My main goal is to reinforce painting skills: practice painting simple shapes and to leave white space around the painting. I love the painterly look it creates, and think this will be a nice change from painting to the edge, which we almost always do.

1. We first watched a DVD called Drawing For All http://www.dickblick.com/products/crystal-productions-drawing-for-all-dvds/    Students practiced drawing cylinders, spheres, etc in a traditional still life that was set at each table.Then I asked them to use these shapes again, overlapping on their watercolor paper, and trace them lightly in pencil, and again in crayon. The harder they press down with the crayon, the better the “wall” they make to keep the paint from running together.
2. Using watercolor trays, they painted in all the different shapes different colors, jumping around from spot to spot and trying not to paint wet areas next to wet areas.
Enjoy this painting by third grader Morgan S.
This lesson was inspired from a lesson by Kathy Barbro at http://www.artprojectsforkids.org/

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