3D Neighborhood Collages

This is a slightly altered project from the Usborne Complete Book of Art Idea.  Second grade created these for the school art show.  This project came on the heels of our big Eric Carle collage project.
 If you look closely at the projects, they are made of three separate sections (or strips) that are then stapled to a piece of poster board.I gave each student a piece of 4 1/2″ X 12″ white tag to work with for the first strip, 6″ X 12″ for the second, and the last strip (the skyscrapers) are made on a slightly taller piece (sometimes I even give them the entire 9″ X 12″ piece).
 They are then given a scrap box filled with lots of hand painted patterned papers  The first strip must have a street and a row of houses. The second row must have more houses! The last row gets skyscrapers.  Lots of super creative kids added landmarks, such as the St. Louis Arch (go figure, we’re outside of Denver), the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty along with the tall buildings.  
 I had them leave a slight bit of white at the bottom of each strip. Staple all three rows on to a piece of railroad board or poster board, bending each row slightly so that they stand out in a curved arc.

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